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Sourcing and Shipping Tools

Chinasavvy’s toolbox contains essential tools for both sourcing and shipping calculations.  This can be invaluable if you are planning to import goods from China.

Toolbox Item - China Ehibition Database  Complete listing of shows-trade fairs in China

Our China Trade Fairs database covers all trade fairs in China for the next twelve months.

Easy to use, you can select categories, dates, cities, etc.

The additional information also gives you contact details of the fair organizers.

We constantly update our database.  A really useful listing if you are planning to visit China.

Toolbox Item - Shipping Freight Volume Calculator  Shipping Freight volume calculator

Our Shipping Freight Calculator is a quick an easy tool to calculate freight volumes for any product you plan to purchase in China.  Just enter a few dimensions and the calculator will tell you how many you can fit inside different sizes of containers or a calculation by cubic metre. Please note the results are approximate.

Toolbox Item - Air Freight Calculator  Air Freight calculator

It is an international convention for air freight carriers to charge for weight or volume, whichever is greater. Our Air Freight Calculator provides a fast way of finding what weight you will be charged for.