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Chinasavvy: How much to import China goodsWhen it comes to sourcing services in China, Chinasavvy is in a league of its own. We provide China product procurement and importation services for hundreds of consumer or industrial products.  What makes us different is our passion for quality and excellence.

We see no reason why good quality should affect the manufacturing prices of goods by China suppliers.  If we find that a potential supplier can not produce to our quality standards we simply won’t deal with them.  There are enough suppliers in China that enables us to pick and choose the ones who can deliver quality products and competitive prices.

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To do this we need to know where to look.  Our bi-lingual staff are experienced is sourcing and tracking these quality suppliers.  Every supplier is methodically audited for experience, quality and management.  If they don’t meet our ISO standards we look elsewhere.

Yes, it takes time to do this painstaking research and sourcing but we won’t be compromised.  Online research simply won’t find these suppliers.  Only

We also know that quality starts at the beginning and is an ongoing process throughout production.  That’s why we concentrate on dealing with suppliers within daily traveling distance from our office in Guangzhou in Guangdong province.  34% of all exports from China come from Guangdong.  And most of the suppliers, 100’s of thousands of factories, are within 3 hours drive from our office.  We know we have to monitor production regularly and we can’t do that if we have to fly all the time to other provinces.

Asian sourcing – Global

Of course we’ll go to other provinces if we can’t find what we need in terms of product and quality but we do this as a last resort.

If all you are interested in is low prices and you’re prepared to take the risk of buying from unreliable sources, choose any of the sourcing cowboys that pop up on the internet.

If, however, you are looking for reliable sourcing and suppliers Chinasavvy will provide both.  Our experience says you don’t have to accept low quality suppliers, chosen from a list on the internet, to achieve both quality and competitive prices. 

Just ask any of our existing customers.

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