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It has been a great pleasure to work closely with Omnidex (previously known as Chinasavvy) for a number of years.

We have found ourselves fortunate to be working with a trusted group of people with significant skills and expertise.

Omnidex have been able to create a high tech unit of Myliquitab which fulfils all our requirements and more, in a professional aesthetic looking product.

Omnidex are part of our global distribution, and will ensure our intellectual property remains intact, and the quality of the unit will not be compromised anytime in the future.

I have the utmost respect for the company and people who work for Omnidex, and would not hesitate to recommend any companies to utilise their services”


Keith Dobson, Founder, Director, Chairman
Myliquitab, Melbourne, Australia

I would like to thank the team at China Savvy for their excellent work in rushing through the first delivery of our components.

The standard of the work was very good and China Savvy have set the standard for our other suppliers in terms of speed, quality and communication.

I was especially impressed with the Quality Report in both the detail and layout.

We will be placing full production orders for these parts based upon the samples that we have received.


Neil Maher, Buyer
Joerns Healthcare

Omnidex has been a supplier to McLanahan Australia since 2013. Initially we were introduced through our McLanahan European office in the UK, for which Omnidex has, and continues to be, their major source of cast components for aggregate pumps. We approached Omnidexfor steel castings for our mining machinery division.

We had been having serious problems with our existing casting suppliers (porosity, inclusions, etc). In a meeting in their offices in Guangzhou, Omnidex demonstrated their approach to quality castings using expert design, casting flow and cooling simulation. This convinced us to start working with Omnidex.

For 5 consecutive years Omnidex has been less of a supplier, but more of a business partner.

Indeed the team at Omnidex have successfully manufactured machines in stainless steel, machine parts, electrical control panels, etc and as such we intend to expand the relationship which will present further manufacturing challenges in the future.

As an ISO accredited manufacturer, McLanahan stipulates very tight production specifications in order to meet our quality requirements. Similarly Omnidexis a highly quality focused organisation and their production and batch documentation is easily incorporated into our own quality systems. In fact the performance of the team at Omnidex has become the benchmark against which we grade all our other suppliers.

Neil Hunt, Managing Director Asia Pac
McLanahan Corporation Pty, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Dear Chinasavvy:

I am writing to thank you for the excellent job you have done in the development and manufacture of the turbines we commissioned you to undertake.

You kept to the tight timetable we gave you and produced an excellent design followed by production samples which, I can truly say, were beyond our expectations. You can truly claim to be world-class manufacturers.

Throughout all stages of the project your communications have been second to none. Your weekly timeline reports kept us informed while any queries were answered promptly and factually.

Chinasavvy’s technical expertise is, without doubt, remarkable and extensive and Ihave been immensely impressed every time I have visited you in China.

I have never seen a quality control system so thorough and I feel extremely comfortable and relaxed knowing every small detail is checked and recorded.

I can assure you that, like many of your other customers, we will be working together for a long time in the future.

Warren Ballantyne, Managing Director
GUTTER-VAC | Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Dear Chinasavvy

We have now been dealing with Chinasavvy for over 11 years and felt that I should send you a congratulatory message. We live in a global village where cultures, languages, communication, quality, price and delivery are a must. This is the constant, without all the ingredients gelling and working as one the whole game collapses. When I bought back what was the Engineering Division of my previous company in 2014 I decided to create a global company that sources, designs, manufactures, assembles and sells products throughout the world.

To achieve what I previously stated would not be possible without partnering with a company like Chinasavvy. Their honest, open approach provides so much more than just a “quality product”. People make business, businesses do not make people. A fact that is Chinasavvy.

Throughout the past 11years you and your team have added so much more to us than just the supply of quality products. You have input enormously into the design, suggested ways that we can improve and manufacture more cost effectively and enhance the overall look and feel of the product. This is a function that goes way beyond the initial brief.

As many business people say “it’s all in the detail” from which all companies grow or die and you have proved beyond all doubt that Chinasavvy delivers in more ways than one. In fact, it’s very difficult to quantify exactly how much more you provide. I’d recommend anyone to take a bite out of “China“ and the “Savvy” will become very apparent.

We would recommend Chinasavvy to companies (except our competitors) who are looking to produce products or parts of for a global market. Chinasavvy is most definitely the gateway to sourcing and producing high quality components in a controlled manner. Thank you for the past, present and our future.

Russell Wellings, Managing Director
Original Ltd | Shrewsbury, UK

Dear Chinasavvy,

When we first approached you in 2010 and visited you in Guangzhou, China we have to confess that we were more than a little nervous. Up to then we had purchased all of our bespoke metal and plastic requirement in the US and we were worried about the possible quality out of China.

You soon proved to us that not only could you match the quality but generally exceeded it by far.

Now, you have consistently proven to us that quality is the number one weapon in your arsenal! In the seven years we have been working together you have become our #1 vendor because of the quality, communications and price that you consistently provide. The first order we placed with you was for $27K. This year you will be supplying us with $millions of high quality goods and parts.

We also appreciate your regular suggestions and improvements that you consistently make to improve, even further, the design and quality of our products – not to mention cost-down programs.

Chinasavvy will remain our #1 vendor because the trust, quality, communications and, importantly, price. Keep up the good work!

Stan Mason
Great American Business Products | Houston, Texas

It is my pleasure to write a reference for ChinaSavvy because quite simply I would not be writing this as the CEO of a successful start-up company if I had not had China Savvy backing me every inch of the way.

It was three years ago that I went to Guangzhou, clutching closely the 3D version of my brand new product which I believed would change the world.

I decided to go with ChinaSavvy over the other factories I visited because I trusted them to get my product out to the market before some copycat stole my idea. They delivered on this promise by secretly making componentry all over the place and then assembling the final product in their own factory.

But ChinaSavvy went much further than this.

Their own brilliant engineers worked tirelessly to make sure my product would not fail. This involved making a special machine that worked tirelessly night and day testing the vulnerable part of the product. They did this in their time and at their cost. Their control of the whole manufacturing process has in no small way being a major part of my success story.

They do not compromise on excellence. It is their byword.

China Savvy have been prepared to tailor their manufacturing process to meet the unpredictable demands of the market because they want to see the companies they work with succeed. Yes, this is sound business practice but with the team at ChinaSavvy it goes further than this. They look out for you.

As the icing on the cake, the team at ChinaSavvy are the most convivial partners to deal with on a day to day basis and if you are lucky enough to go to Guangzhou to visit them you will never want to leave.

Successful business relationships are founded on trust, mutual respect and professionalism. If this is what you are looking for I cannot recommend ChinaSavvy strongly enough.past, present and our future.

Ashleigh Ogilvie-Lee
SlapSee | New Zealand

ChinaSavvy's attention to detail is exceptional. In the first four days of ChinaSavvy taking care of shoe QC rejections dropped from 78% to 2%.

I would honestly recommend you and ChinaSavvy to anybody I knew trying to source in China.

Galahad Clark, Managing Director
Terraplana Ltd | UK

We have been very pleased with the responsiveness, sourcing accuracy, good prices, timely delivery and follow through services of ChinaSavvy.

We expect to utilize ChinaSavvy's sourcing services increasingly.

Kathleen A. Gavin, President & CEO
b. dazzle, inc. | California, USA

Excellent product development & sourcing. Chinasavvy are a reliable and efficient partner with whom we look forward to developing our business.

Simon Towle, Managing Director
Texline Lt

Chinasavvy saved us shedloads of money and the quality of the final product was better than our original UK sample.

We wouldn’t even think of trying to import from China now without their help. They will oversee everything from start to finished product.

Lighting manufacturer | UK
Name and address withheld at customer’s request.
("we don’t want to give our competitors your name!")

We have recently been introduced to Chinasavvy and, basically, all our supply, quality control and communication problems have been removed in one blow! We have now placed several orders and attention to detail seems faultless.

Like us, they seem to work 7 days a week / 24 hrs a day!

We would recommend them to anyone needing a source of supply out of China - A FIRST RATE SERVICE and DELIGHTFUL PEOPLE to do business with.

Ian Wright
Bagali of Bath | UK

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