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How Precise is Chinese Precision Machining Services?

Three types of machines used in China and by ChinaSavvy:


CNC machining 3.1 CNC machining 3.2 CNC machining 3.3
CNC machining 3.4 CNC machining 3.5 CNC machining 3.6

Chinese built machines

These machines, manufactured in China, are used in cases where tight tolerances and extremely precise components are not a requirement in both functionality or appearance. Relatively cheaper to use, these types of machines can effectively reduce your product's costs in cases where precision is not of the utmost importance.

Taiwanese built machines

These types of machines, though more expensive to use than Chinese machines, deliver a tighter tolerance and greater precision. In cases where extreme precision and super accuracy is not a component requirement, but accuracy and precision is still needed, we will recommend the use of Taiwanese built machines.

Japanese, U.S and German built machines

These machines are the best in the industry today and is able to deliver super accurate tolerances and extremely precise components, making it the machine of choice when components have strict requirements.

CNC machining 4.1 CNC machining 4.2 CNC machining 4.3
CNC machining 4.4 CNC machining 4.5 CNC machining 4.6

Japanese, U.S and German built machines are more expensive to use, but the only option when super accurate components are required.

ChinaSavvy, based in Guangzhou, China, is able to deliver precision machining services that offer the option between all three types of machines. We will aid in the process of choosing the right machine for your project, effectively helping to cut costs, stay within budget and deliver components that meet your exact requirements.


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