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The Importance of Good Jigs in Precision CNC Machining

Jig borers is a type of machine tool developed at end of World War I, in both the United States and Switzerland) and provides manufacturers with the capability of creating precise and quick location of holes centers.

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Today, a good jig and fixture is seen as a more economical way to mass produce a component. The quality and the performance of the mass production cycle is influenced by the jigs and fixtures as it is responsible for the placing and holding of a component.

A jig guides the machine tool to the correct position and guides it in the correct direction during precision CNC machining. A simple example of this is when duplicating a key. The key itself acts as the base for the path reader, which in turn guides the movement of the tool to, in the end, make the duplicate copy of the key.

A good jig is able to provide tool and die makers with the following:

  • A higher degree of positioning precision and the repeatability thereof.
  • A greater accuracy for the positioning of precise hole centers.
  • Tighter tolerances at micron levels.
  • A faster time frame to achieve these tolerances.


Good jigs are therefore essential if precision, accuracy and repeatability is a project requirements.

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In cases where surface finishes are critical, the capabilities CNC jig grinding can offer is nothing but beneficial. A highly valuable benefit in tool building, precision jig and fixture capabilities offered by ChinaSavvy is able to provide manufacturers with fine and specific die details.

The advantages associated with a good jig and fixture

Some of the advantages associated with a good jig and fixture includes:

  • Productivity:
    Good jigs and fixtures are able to effectively increase productivity. This is because the part, during manufacturing, does not have to be frequently checked and eliminates the need for individual marking and positioning.
  • Costs:
    Because of an increased productivity, a reduction in waste material, a lesser use of manual labor and the easy assembly offered through using precision machining technologies, the cost of production is considerably reduced.
  • Interchangeability:
    Using precision jigs and fixtures in manufacturing processes ensures a uniform quality. Selective assembly is eliminated as any part of the machine fits properly and are interchangeable.
  • Skills:
    The need for a skilled work force to position tools correctly is severely minimized as the locating, clamping and the correct positioning of the work piece is done by tool guiding elements. Semi-skilled operators can be employed.
  • Quality
    The variability of dimensions in mass production cycles are lower, as good jigs and fixtures are able to maintain a quality that is consistent.


Our range of CNC Jig Grinding services include:



CNC jig grinding machines are exceptional when it comes to grinding highly precise pockets into your assembly components. Dependant on both the component itself and the needs of your production cycle, placing a perfectly sized ground pocket in a specific location will help you to ensure the best possible quality.

Our precision machines and team of machinist are able to provide rectangular, out of round, and even custom designed pockets.

Molding details

Our CNC jig grinding services (as well as our manual jig grinding services) within this specific category is able to supply both slight to heavy angles to a specific depth, as well as full radius beads.

Repairing Mold Detail

ChinaSavvy's CNC machining team is able to repair plastic injection molds for a wide selection of industries. Our services within this category includes blending recently welded locations to existing angles, floors, diameters and radii.

Angles and Tapered Shut-offs

The experienced team at ChinaSavvy is able to supply customers with high quality fabricated parts, including angled and tapered shut-offs, whether you are in need of a highly complex and detailed components, or simplistic parts, ChinaSavvy can help.

Valve Gate Detail

For valve gates to operate correctly, fabrication that is precise is needed. Our experience with CNC jig grinding allows us to deliver a precise valve gate detail. Able to generate any gate angle as per customer request, we are able to grind the gate angle, the gate diameter (which can be ground as small as 0.024) and seal diameters.

Custom Ground Parts

At ChinaSavvy, we apply our precision jig and fixture technology to supply you with a custom ground part to aid in your manufacturing cycle.

Two Dimensional Contours

Offering contour grind for both male and female cutting dies, punches, multiple mold making applications as well as trim dies. With our precision CNC Machining technologies, we are able to deliver precise grinding and the tightest tolerances.

Precision Hole and Larger Bore Grinding

Our jig boring capabilities allow us to provide you with precision hole and larger bore grinding of up to 10 inches.

Designing Jigs and Fixtures

When designing a precision jig and fixture, the following factors must be taken into consideration:

  • The level of accuracy required as well as the quality of the component to be produced.
  • The precision machining capacity and the extent to which it can be automated.
  • The ejection and safety devices used in the manufacturing process.
  • The work piece's finished geometry and the component size.
  • The locating devices within the machine.
  • The rigidity of the machine tool itself.
  • The clamping offered by the machine.
  • The available indexing devices as well as the accuracy of these indexing devices.
  • The variability of the performance results offered by the machine.


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